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Class Information

      • Due to Covid-19, the Photo Enforcement Class is now being offered as an online only class.
        This class is a one-time, one-and-a-half-hour course given in a Zoom meeting presentation. To attend this class, you will need a working webcam on either a computer, tablet, or smart phone. If you do not currently have access to a webcam, you will need to address your citation with the court directly.

      • IMPORTANT: If you received a citation during the Covid closures (end of March-beginning of June) it is likely you were given 90 extra days to respond to your ticket or take this class. If you are approaching the end of your 90 day window or were never issued a new court date, you will need to write a letter with your citation and send that back to the courts to request a new court date before taking this class. You may NOT take this class if you do not have a new court date OR if your new court date less than 14 days away. 

      What is Photo Enforcement?
      This class is held in place of your court date to help inform clients that have received a photo radar ticket for speeding or running a red light about traffic laws. By taking this course, you are no longer required to pay for your speeding ticket or attend your court date. Now you will pay for the cost of the class instead and attend a one and half hour online course in place of your court date.
      Please note: This class is not free and CLASS PRICES VARY! The price of your class will depend on the classification of your citation. If you have a speeding ticket priced at $170 the class price for you is $125. If you have a speeding ticket priced at $270, your class will class will cost $225. If you have a red-light ticket, the class is $225.
      The benefit of this class is that you pay a discounted cost instead of your citation fee and the citation will no longer appear on your driving record. You do have to pay for this class in advance to secure your spot in the class. If you cannot pay with debit or credit card, please see check options at the bottom. Please note: This class is not free. It is offered at a discounted price from the original citation.

      To qualify, the following must apply:
      No speeding ticket or any Failure to Obey a Traffic Controlled Device (out of state tickets apply) for the last THREE years. There are no exceptions to this rule.
      -You must be a licensed driver, with a legal driver license.
      -The citation was issued and spelled correctly in your FIRST and LAST name as it appears on your Driver License.
      -You are the registered owner of the vehicle. (see below if you are not)
      -You take this class no later than 14 days before your court date.
      -Have a working webcam on a computer, tablet or smartphone with access to internet.
      -A working email account to receive emailed notifications and class invite links to.
      There are no exceptions to any of the above rules.

      If you have had another speeding or Failure to Obey a Traffic Control Device citation in the last THREE years, if you have taken this class at any other time, or if your court date is less than 14 days from the date you'd like to take class: DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS CLASS. You do not qualify. Our website allows all clients to enroll regardless of qualifications however, if you sign up for this class and are not qualified, you will be refunded and turned away from class. Please ensure that you are qualified for class before proceeding to the payment page.
      If you do not have a working webcam on a computer, tablet or smart phone device, you will not be able to attend this class and we ask that you instead address your ticket with the courts directly.

      DURING CLASS DISQUALIFICATIONS: Because our class currently requires that you are in front of a video camera for the duration of class, you will need to ensure that there are no outside distractions during class and you must be paying attention for the whole class. Attending the class must be the only activity you are participating in throughout the presentation (i.e. no driving, attending a social gathering, watching a movie, etc.). If you are otherwise distracted, you will be removed from the class.

      To reschedule, cancel or refund a class for any reason:
      If you have missed your scheduled class date, want to reschedule or if you need a refund, call (971-701-0331) or email us (info@pdxdrivers.com) to be rescheduled, canceled or refunded.
      We will be happy to reschedule you so long as you are still within two weeks of your court date and not passed that window. If you signed up for class but can no longer attend, we can refund you back to the card that you paid with however, there is a $15 processing fee applied to all refunds.

      If the ticket came in someone else’s name:
      If the citation was not issued in your name or you are not the registered owner of the vehicle, please have the registered owner of the vehicle fill out the CERTIFICATE OF INNOCENCE and return that to the courts. You will receive a follow up warning letter. If your name is not on the citation or you are not the registered owner of the vehicle: You cannot take this class. If you still sign up for this class and want a refund after, there is a $15 processing fee for every refund.

      Interpreter Requests:
      Due to the restructuring of our class, we currently cannot provide a language translation for this class. Because this class is done in a Zoom meeting style, you are welcome to have someone watch the class with you and interpret the class for you, as your mic will be muted for the duration of the class. We are also working to update ASL interpreter needs.

      Finding Available Classes:
      We only post two weeks of class dates at a time. What you see posted currently is not all that there will be. If you refer to our website at a later time, we post new class dates at the begging of every week.

      After you have completed class:
      Once you have successfully completed the Photo Enforcement Traffic Safety class, you are no longer required to take any further steps. From here, the courts will be informed of your attendance and your citation will not appear on your driving record. PLEASE NOTE: If the courts have instructed you to take your class certificate to a later scheduled court date, then that will be your final step.

      No debit or credit card:
      If you do not have a debit or credit card, you can send a check with your first and last name and your phone number attached to our main office in Keizer. When we receive your check in the mail, we will call you immediately and get you enrolled over the phone. Please see our 'Contact Us' portion of our website to find our Keizer office address.

      After you have successfully registered, you will receive an automated email with the following instructions:
      Class Access
      • After you have selected a class date and paid for the class, you must email an attached photo (take a picture) of your citation AND a copy of your driver license (ID) to the following email address: id@pdxdrivers.com
      • By sending us these documents, you are allowing us to verify your identity at class. The portion of your citation that should be sent in will say "Uniform Citation and Complaint" at the top.
      • These should be sent in immediately after signing up to be given access to the class, but no later than 24 hours before the start of the class or else we will need to reschedule you. 
      • Your personal information will be used for participation verification only. This information will be removed from the server immediately after class. We do not keep your personal files.

      Using Zoom:
      • This class does not require that you have a Zoom account. The link we send you is to create a “Temporary Zoom Profile” for your class date specifically. This is not the same thing as a Zoom account. You will receive a link 48 business hours before the start of class to register for your Zoom Profile if you have properly emailed an attached photo of your ID and citation.
      • Approval into the Zoom class with the webinar link and password will be emailed to you 1 hour before the start of class. Please check your spam/junk folder if you do not receive the confirmation email.
      • Plan to join the class 10 minutes early to allow time for troubleshooting.  If you need assistance with joining the Zoom class, please call 971-707-0026.
      • Late attendees will be required to reschedule.
      Class Participation
      • You are required to have a webcam (on either a computer or cell phone) and it is required to be on during the presentation. Please mute your microphone during the presentation. 
      •  You must pay attention in class. Attending the class must be the only activity you are participating in throughout the presentation (i.e. no driving, attending a social gathering, watching a movie, etc.). If you are otherwise distracted, you will be removed from the class and asked to reschedule.           
      • You are required to be in front of the camera to prove participation in the class for the duration of the class.
      • You are granted a 5-minute bathroom break, but you should not be away from the camera longer than the allowed 5 minutes to get full participation credit.
      • When it is time to answer the poll questions at the end of class, we ask that you do not give the answers to the poll away via audio or by typing the answers in the group chat. If you do not see the colors, don’t panic, you can email us directly for help!
      • You will be emailed a certificate upon completion of the class. Please check Junk/Spam folders as well.

      In the past, our class was held as in-person class only in Portland. For safety and social distancing purposes, our classes are held as on online class only as these classes often have more than what is currently allowed for large groups in public. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we restructure our class for you!

      To contact the court, you can either send in a letter via regular mail (correspondence info can be found at the back of your citation) or email the court directly at the following address:
      Mul.TrafficDept@ojd.state.or.us or call the new Traffic Number at 971-274-0545

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