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Class Information

    • If you have had another speeding or red light ticket in the last three years, if you have taken this class in the last three years, or if your court date is less than 14 days from the date you'd like to take class: DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS CLASS. Our website allows all clients to enroll regardless of qualifications however, if you sign up for this class and are not qualified, you will be refunded and turned away from class. Please ensure that you are qualified for class before proceeding to the payment page.
  2. What do I do if there are errors on my citation?
    • If there are any ERRORS in the spelling of your name, your driver’s license number, or date of birth, DO NOT sign up for the class. Instead, call 503-823-2209 to speak with a Portland Police Bureau representative for assistance. If there are NO errors on the citation, please see rest of page for sign up instructions. The name on your photo ID must match the name on the citation. If you have legally changed your name since receiving the citation, bring proof of the change with you to class, but please still sign up under the name on the citation. Hyphens, middle names, Jr./Sr. are not required.
  3. What is Photo Enforcement?
    • This class is held in place of your court date to help inform you about traffic laws. By taking this course, you are no longer required to pay for your speeding ticket or attend your court date. Now you will pay for the cost of the class instead and attend a one and half hour course in place of your court date.

      Please note: This class is not free and CLASS PRICES VARY! The price of your class will depend on the classification of your citation. If you have a speeding ticket priced at $170 the class price for you is $125. If you have a speeding ticket priced at $270, your class will class will cost $225. If you have a red-light ticket, the class is $225.

      The benefit of this class is that you pay this discounted cost instead of your citation fee and the citation will no longer appear on your record. You do have to pay for this class in advance in order to secure your spot in the class. If you cannot pay with debit or credit card, please see check options at the very bottom.

  4. How to know if I qualify:
  5. To qualify for Photo enforcement, the following must apply:
    • -No speeding ticket or red-light tickets (in the state of Oregon only) for the last THREE years. There are no exceptions to this rule. (Out of state tickets to do not apply.)
      -You must be a licensed driver, with a legal driver license.
      -The citation was issued in your FIRST and LAST name.
      -You are the registered owner of the vehicle.
      -You take this class up to two weeks before your scheduled court date.
  6. I’m unsure if I’ve received another speeding citation in the last three years in the state of Oregon. What should I do?
    • If you have not received any speeding or red-light tickets in the past 3 years, you may sign up.
      If you are unsure, you may order your driving record at your local DMV office or through the mail.
        Non-Commercial License holders ® Non-Employment Record $1.50
        CDL License holders ® Certified Court Print $3.00
      Once received and ordered, requests will go out the next business day by 3:00pm (allow 5 business days for fax and 10 business days for mailing) Please keep in mind that you must take this class no later than 14 days before your court date.
  7. How long do I have to take the class?
    • You must pay for and attend Photo Enforcement between the time you received the citation in the mail and up to two weeks before your court date. If you pass that window and your court date is within the next two weeks, we cannot give you permission to take our course. Our office cannot give you an extension for this. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  8. Why is there a fee? What does it mean when it says, 'The fee will be waived.' Will I get my money back?
    • Photo Enforcement class is offered at a discounted rate, in place of the citation fee. The money that you pay for this class, will not be refunded after you have attended class. Essentially, you are paying for and attending the Photo Enforcement class instead of paying for the citation and attending your court date. Once you have attended the Photo Enforcement class, the citation will not appear on your record and you do not have to take any further steps.
  9. To reschedule, cancel a class or to receive a refund for any reason:
    • If you have missed your scheduled class date, want to reschedule or if you need a refund, call (971-701-0331) or email us (info@pdxdrivers.com) to be rescheduled. We will be happy to reschedule you so long as you are still within two weeks of your court date and not passed that window. If you signed up for class but can no longer attend, we can refund you back to the card that you paid with however, there is a $15 processing fee applied to all refunds.
  10. The ticket came in someone else's name, but I was the one driving the car.
    • If the citation was not issued in your name or you are not the registered owner of the vehicle, please have the registered owner of the vehicle fill out the CERTIFICATE OF INNOCENCE and return that to the courts. You will receive a follow up warning letter. If your name is not on the citation or you are not the registered owner of the vehicle: You cannot take this class. If you still sign up for this class and want a refund after, there is a $15 processing fee for every refund.
  11. How do I register?
    • To register for a Photo Enforcement class, you will want to log on to the website www.pdxdrivers.com and select a button that corresponds with your citation type: Speeding $170 Fee citation, Speeding $270 Fee citation, or Red-light citation for $270. On the following screen, you will be directed to a calendar where you can pick out a class date then proceed through the enrollment process. PLEASE NOTE: This class is not free. You will be prompted to pay for this class and class prices vary. This class is paid in place of your citation. Once you have successfully completed enrollment, you will receive a confirmation email.

  12. I will need an interpreter.
    • If you need an interpreter, you can still enroll into a class. You will want to contact our office by phone or email after you have registered and inform us of what class you are enrolled in so that we can make sure to provide you with a computer to follow along class with that has translation options. PLEASE NOTE: This class is lecture only, there are no tests involved. If you need an ASL interpreter, please let us know at least 7 days in advance so that we can schedule an interpreter to be at class.
  13. I can't find dates for next month's class or any other months.
    • We only post three class dates at a time. What you see posted currently is not all that there will be. If you refer to our website at a later time, we post new class dates every Monday and Wednesday.
  14. Where is the Photo Enforcement class held?
    • You will receive a confirmation email with the address and a link with a site map when you sign up as well. The class is held at:

      Multnomah University Bradley Hall, room # 1
      8435 NE Glisan Street
      Portland OR, 97220

      This address can also be found on our home page.
      The email will also ask you to appear at class thirty minutes before class starts, if you are more than ten minutes late, you will be asked to reschedule.
      Also, please have your citation and photo identification with you.
  15. I have completed the course, now what?
    • Once you have successfully completed the Photo Enforcement Traffic Safety class, you are no longer required to take any further steps. From here, the courts will be informed of your attendance and your citation will not appear on your driving record. PLEASE NOTE: If the courts have instructed you to take your class certificate to a later scheduled court date, then this will be your final step.
  16. If you send in your address only to our comment box, you will receive an auto-reply with directions:
    • Hello, you have sent a message with no question to our questions box. If you do not have any questions, please feel free to log back on to our home page to register. To register for a Photo Enforcement class, you will want to log on to the website www.pdxdrivers.com and select a button that responds to your citation type. If you do not pay for this class online, you are not enrolled in the class.
  17. No debit or credit card:
    • If you do not have a debit or credit card, you can send a check with your first and last name and your phone number attached to our main office in Keizer. When we receive your check in the mail, we will call you immediately and get you enrolled over the phone. Please see our 'Contact Us' portion of our website to find our Keizer office address.

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