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"Please read the following information carefully as it explains what you can do for your citation during the Covid-19 closures.

Traffic Courts are closed until June 1st, and the Photo Enforcement Traffic Safety Class is canceled until further notice.

This applies to both Multnomah County and Gresham Circuit Court Cases.

We cannot hold in-person classes until the ‘Stay Home’ order has been lifted and we don’t yet know when that will take place.

In the meantime, if you want to take the Photo Enforcement class in the future when we reopen, you will need to let the courts know that you are waiting for that option. To contact the court, we’ve been told that you can either send in a letter via regular mail (correspondence info can be found at the back of your citation) or email the court directly at the following address:


This will need to be done before your appearance date in June and you will want to include your name and citation number in this email. You can direct any other court related questions to this email as well.

For more detailed information about this, you can visit the following link:


As for the Photo Enforcement Traffic Safety class:

There are no classes currently available for enrollment.  Please refer to your citation to pay your fines or attend your court date when that date is available.

For clients currently registered, we are working on a solution for you at this time.

We know this is an abundance of information and that it might not answer every question but hopefully it can help give a better understanding of what to expect over the coming months.  

All of your patience and support during this time is very appreciated."

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